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Every service on your window includes a full inspection and all minor adjustments to parts before lubrication with a high quality spray. Our engineer will quickly identify and correct any simple faults in this area.

Listed below are just some of the Double Glazing areas we cover:


  • Hinges

  • Handles

  • Locks

  • Gasket shrinkage

  • Drainage problems

  • Draughts

  • Security upgrades

  • Double glazed units

  • Misted glass

  • Cracked glass

Poor window closure.

Your windows should open and close smoothly irrespective of age. Commonly there are two reasons for stiff poorly fitting windows which become difficult to shut. Both are easily remedied.
Hinges are the first thing to be considered as they do become worn or even broken over time which will then not allow the window to be pulled tight to the frame causing  leaks and draughts. A replacement hinge can be all that is needed to restore correct alignment.
Incorrect glass installation is unfortunately the other most common cause of ill fitment whereby the window sash drops and sticks on closure. Re-packing the glass and re-aligning the sash will ensure correct closure for years to come.
Both options are a fraction of the cost of a new window.

Window locking difficulties.

All locks need some maintenance by way of lubrication which you should have been advised of at the time of installation. Without this locks will become corroded and become increasingly difficult to turn. Replacement locks are the only option in this instance and our engineers will be able to select the best one to suit the existing units. If you have concerns about security consult our engineer for advice on how to upgrade your locks.
Cheaper handles can also lead to difficulties with locking as can the excessive force required to close a corroded locking mechanism. We are able to match most types of handle and where the handle is obsolete we will find a very close replacement.


Misted double glazing units
Sealed units often become misted. This happens because the seal has broken down between the two panes of glass. Replacement sealed units are not expensive and can easily be replaced making your windows look as good as new. We can replace all types of sealed units with any pattern glass. All our replacement units are manufactured by Pilkington and covered by our guarantee. 


Broken double glazing units

Broken and cracked glass units cannot be replaced the same day, the first step is to make your property secure and assess the damage.
Once the damage is assessed the engineer can measure the glass unit and specify which type of unit you require to replace it. The unit can then be ordered from site so that we can speed the process up.
Once the glass is available, the replacement can be carried out with very little inconvenience to the customer.



Condensation on the inside and around the window area is unsightly and can cause long term damage to the plaster line and decoration of your home. 
Fortunately condensation is easily solved. Ventilation and poor heating are normally to blame for condensation. Sometimes simply opening the windows more regularly for longer periods and increasing the heating in your home is all that is needed to improve the situation. If this does not solve your problem you may need to improve the ventilation incorporated into your double glazing system. This can take many different forms i.e. trickle vents or vents cut into your glass units.
For further advice on how to deal with condensation or ventilation please contact us.


Servicing that saves you money

While double glazing requires very little maintenance it is a myth that once installed no further action is needed. Like all moving parts the hinges, internal mechanisms, handles and locks need to be looked after to achieve a much greater working life. Poorly fitted windows and doors will become worse and worse over time. Think of it as you would your car.


It is recommended that a full service is carried out at around the fifth year following installation. This is to identify existing problems and asses probable failings likely to occur in the future. Your window and doors should fit well, operate smoothly and provide high security for your home. The latter is essential as broken or weak hinges and locks will make unwanted access easy. Our service involves a full inspection of each window and door on your property and includes all minor adjustments to parts immediately, plus lubrication with an industrial maintenance spray. Our engineer will identify and correct any simple faults.
A full report will indicate work completed and any further action required. This will identify where parts have limited life expectancy. We will provide a no-obligation quotation for any remedial work needed and leave it with you as to which works you would like carried out, if any. Charges are based on a small call out fee plus the number of opening windows and doors on the property, typically around £120 for a semi-detached home. Experience tells us that by pre-empting problems with installations you will actually save money in the long run.