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Every service on your door includes a full inspection and all minor adjustments to parts before lubrication with a high quality spray. Our engineer will quickly identify and correct any simple faults in this area.


Listed below are just some of the Double Glazing areas we cover:


  • Hinges

  • Handles

  • Locks

  • Gasket shrinkage

  • Drainage problems

  • Draughts

  • Security upgrades

  • Misted glass double glazed units

  • Cracked glass double glazed units



    Lost Keys


    Call us if you have lost your keys, the key has broken in the lock or if your door is locked and you are unable to get into your property.


    Door Closing Problems


    The dropping of uPVC doors can be a common occurrence even just after having a new door installed. Part of the reason why so many doors drop is that they have not been glazed correctly. Its imperative that door are toe and heeled correctly when they are fitted.

    So If your door has dropped it's not necessarily a case of new hinges.


    Patio Doors

    Other problem areas may include patio doors with faulty rollers or locking systems, patio doors that fall off their runners or close in before they are shut. Some window companies will try to sell you a new patio door when it is often just a case of removing the doors and repairing the runners and track. We again can save you, the customer, money.




    The myth of double glazing is that it is maintenance free. The public has been wrongly sold on the myth of no maintenance, but in truth there will always be maintenance.


    While UPVC and aluminium door and window frames generally only need cleaning to keep them in tip-top condition for a very long time, the moving parts of the installation - hinges, internal mechanisms and handles - need to be looked after to achieve a much greater working life.


    A full service to UPVC and Aluminium installations should be carried at around the fifth year after installation. Charges are based on a small call out fee plus the number of opening windows and doors on the property, typically around £150 for a semi-detached home. Compare that to a full service on your car which is done annually this works out at roughly £30 per year!!!


    Our service involves a full inspection of each window and door on your property and includes all minor adjustments to parts immediately and lubrication with a high quality spray. Our engineer will identify and correct any simple faults.


    A full report will indicate work completed and any further action needed. This will identify where parts have limited life expectancy. We will provide a no-obligation quotation for any remedial work needed.




    Condensation on the inside and around the window area can cause long term damage to the plaster line and decoration of your home. As well as a decorative problem it may in extreme cases cause health problems, especially in young children.


    However don't panic, condensation is easily solved. Ventilation and poor heating are normally to blame for condensation.


    You can first try yourselves to solve the problem, by simply opening more windows and heating your home adequately.


    If this does not solve your problem you may need to seek advice on better ventilation incorporated into your double glazing system. This can take many different forms i.e. trickle vents or vents cut into your glass units.

    For further advice on how to deal with condensation or ventilation please contact us.